Who We Are

Who We Are

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A wholly owned subsidiary of SATIN, Satin Finserv Limited specifically established to fill a much needed gap in the MSME Industry
Who We Are

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In spite of being pivotal to employment generation and rural development, the promising MSME industry is not a popular choice for financial institutions when it comes to offering access to their products and services. This means there is a massive need gap in the market and immense potential in this very untapped segment; an opportunity that Satin Finserv has recognised and is acting upon. Focusing on small business owners in manufacturing, trading and services with an annual turnover of less than 2.28 Cr, Satin Finserv aims to help MSME customers grow their businesses and consequently aid the growth of the entire industry. This endeavour is keeping in line with the Satin Group’s mission of positively contributing to India’s overall economic development.
Huge Potential


Considering that most businesses in the MSME segment are unlikely to maintain standard books of accounts or even warrant financial auditing, Satin Finserv has adopted a unique credit underwriting and assessment model in order to understand the potential customer’s income source and derive their eligibility. These customized processes are designed to deliver speed, flexibility and simplicity to the customers, while ensuring that the company retains adequate control at every step. Satin Finserv also offers Loan Against Property (LAP) ranging from 1 to 15 lakhs for MSMEs against ‘immovable property’. The eligibility of these loans are measured across multiple parameters while the amounts are determined by the type, quality and market value of the collateral security the customer provides. Satin Finserv accepts a wide range of properties for this purpose, allowing customers to repay in the form of easy equated monthly installments over time


In its constant endeavour to improve customer experiences, Satin Finserv has looked to digital technology to make processes smoother, faster and better in general. The company boasts of a state-of-the-art Loan Management System (LMS) and Loan Origination System (LOS) that lets it outperform its competitors. Technologically superior and far more advanced than any other in the market,our technology has all the features and functionalities required to deliver both secured and unsecured lending products across industries. The program is easy to migrate, can handle large volumes and different products; and has a very strong Maker-Checker Mechanism. Fuelled by sound technology and digital savvy, Satin Finserv is poised to take on the future and change the face of financial lending.

Our Aim

Aiming to be one of the most trusted and admired NBFC to aid financial services to various to Entrepreneurs, MSMEs and Individual Businesses, MFI companies

Motivates us?

Untold stories : Mr. Raman Mehra, Rajkot

“Thanks to Satin for providing financial support that helped me grow my business. Now, our living standard has improved significantly & financial position in society has gone up. With proper and in-time support provided by SFL, I could complete my loan cycle. In addition to this; proper tracking & maintenance of loan associated records helped save from any fraudulent activity expected in digital transactions”.
Mr. Sumit Mukherjee

CEO Speak

MSME customers in Semi Urban and rural India are underserved by the formal banking sector. These customers are unable to provide any kind of financial documents which will enable an assessment of their cash flows and hence support a positive decision to lend to such customers. At SFL we understand this problem and are continuously working to understand the need of the customer and meet their working capital needs to sustain and grow their businesses.

SFL also does large ticket lending to MFI NBFC's who in turn lend to rural India. Our objective is that we will become enablers to other lenders who are addressing the individual needs of Rural India.

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