Our Process

World of Possibilities Unleased for Microenterprise Sector

Fuelling financial inclusion
Our target customer segment covers MSME, SME & Self-Employed Segment.
We offer small ticket MSME loans secured against collateral of property
We provide Corporate loans for NBFC MFI’s

Credit Methodology

Satin Finserv identified a need to adopt a distinctive credit methodology for different set of customers. The primary focus remains to convert the informal lending to a formal lending setup. The methodology is more of assessment based approach along with strong analytical studies.

Credit Appraisal

Loan appraisal is based on the customers fitment in the various products designed to cater clients from different sectors
Customers willingness and ability to pay is accounted to determine the product offerings
Both income and non-income proof based products offered to maintain balance & risk appetite
Reference checks are done via different agencies and credit bureaus
Small Loans are given against collateral of borrowing


Analysis done for credit portfolio to determine any acute fluctuations
Customers intent to repay can be envisaged through the technique of Psychometric Test
Portfolio is continuously monitored to update the products and policy.

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