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Paras Jain

Paras Jain, who is 30 years old, resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with his wife and two children. Paras previously operated a garment shop in Mumbai, which was rented. While the business was running successfully, he always harbored the dream of having his own establishment.

Although he managed to support his family with his current financial situation, he was eager to own a shop and expand his business. Paras approached SFL to secure a loan of 15 lakhs for purchasing a property and stocking inventory in a different location.

He successfully established the shop and received a very positive response for his business venture there. Paras is now content that he achieved his dream of owning his own shop and expresses his gratitude to SFL for providing the necessary financial support.

Sohail Iqbal Tai

Sohail Iqbal Tai, aged 45, is a resident of Vasai, Mumbai. He shares his home with his spouse, parents, and two children. Their family house, built by Sohail’s father, carried a heavy burden of debt due to a loan from a private lender, resulting in substantial interest payments. Despite running a successful business, they struggled to save money, primarily because of this outstanding debt.

Sohail turned to SFL to resolve this private lender debt and simultaneously expand his footwear and wall clock business. Upon seeking our assistance, we explained to him the advantages of a formal lending system. We extended a loan of 11 lakhs, which Sohail used to pay off the burdensome property debt and acquire fresh stock for his business.

This financial support not only freed their ancestral property but also generated rental income from it. Moreover, the business experienced growth thanks to the new inventory in their store. Sohail is delighted to have partnered with SFL and now enjoys a stable income and the ability to save for his family’s future.

Surinder Singh

Surinder Singh, a resident of Ambala, is involved in the retail garment business. He reached out to us with a vision to expand his garment trading business, which was initially located in a small village. His goal was to broaden the variety of products available in his shop to better serve his customers. To achieve this, he sought a loan, and we provided him with a 7 lakh loan over 84 months.

Surinder wisely utilized the loan amount to bolster his stock and invest in his business. As a result, his shop now boasts a substantial inventory. His long-standing ambition has been to grow his business and not only meet but exceed his family’s expectations while also securing his children’s future.

Thanks to this loan, he has significantly improved the structure of his business, and he expresses his gratitude to SFL for extending the financial support precisely when he needed it.

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