About us

Born out of a vision to revolutionize financial inclusion in India, Satin Finserv emerged as a beacon of hope and opportunity to serve and empower the backbone of the economy.

In a nation characterized by a vibrant yet underserved MSME sector, the need for accessible and tailored financial services was undeniable. As the brainchild of the SATIN Group, Satin Finserv Limited was established in 2018 to bridge this gap and become a catalyst for change.

With a network that spans across Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh, our presence radiates in rural and semi-urban areas. We are a proud business correspondent for renowned banks and NBFCs, collaborating with institutions such as Yes Bank, JANA Small Finance Bank, CSB Bank, FEDERAL Bank, IDFC First Bank, Reliance Commercial Finance, and Northern Arc Capital (erstwhile IFMR Capital).

At Satin Finserv, we believe in assessing the unique credit requirements of our members, evaluating their credit history, cash flow, and the sustainability of their economic activities. Through our dedication and personalized approach, we endeavor to uplift communities, foster growth, and contribute to the economic prosperity of India.

To cater to MSMEs with irregular financial records, Satin Finserv employs a unique credit assessment model. This approach ensures speed, flexibility, and simplicity for customers while maintaining control. We also offer Loan Against Property (LAP) ranging from 1 to 15 lakhs, secured by ‘immovable property.’ Loan eligibility considers multiple parameters, with amounts determined by collateral type, quality, and market value. We accept a wide range of properties, allowing customers to repay through convenient monthly installments.

Merger of Taraashna with Satin Finserv

Earlier in 2012, Taraashna Financial Services Limited (TFSL) was established with a strong focus on nurturing and advancing Joint Liability Groups (JLG) and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME/SBL). TFSL became a driving force in connecting these entities with banks and financial institutions. TFSL not only provided financial services but also championed capacity-building support, further solidifying our dedication to holistic growth.

In 2023, we acquired Taraashna Financial Services Limited (TFSL), enriching our expertise and knowledge in the financial sector. This milestone allowed us to delve into higher ticket size transactions, aligning with our vision of diversified growth. The acquisition of TFSL also introduced fee income as an additional revenue stream, enhancing the resilience of our business model.

The merger of Satin Finserv with Taraashna Financial Services has culminated in a singular entity that carries forward the legacies of both institutions. We remain devoted to rural and semi-urban regions, bringing financial empowerment to those who need it the most.

With our comprehensive suite of services, we address the diverse financial requirements of manufacturing, trading, and service-oriented businesses (with an annual turnover of less than 2.28 Cr), ensuring they have the support they need to thrive.

“Pursuant to Hon’ble NCLT order (CP (CAA) No. 42/Chd/Hry/2022) dated January 31, 2023, Taraashna Financial Services Limited (TFSL) has merged with Satin Finserv Limited effective from March 01, 2023.

Why Choose Us

Satin Finserv has embraced cutting-edge financial technology and employs an advanced and all-encompassing Loan Management System and Loan Origination System.

Satin Finserv, rooted in a solid reputation, is ready to uphold and continue the SATIN legacy and mission with a sense of honor.

Focusing on an overlooked market, Satin Finserv has achieved a 100% quarter-over-quarter growth in Assets Under Management (AUM) for MSME loans since its establishment.

Our Mission

To facilitate financial inclusion by connecting economically excluded families with mainstream banking institutions. Through this, we empower women and the weaker sections of society, driving inclusive growth, boosting competitiveness, and fostering sustainability.

Our Vision

To become the preferred financial intermediary and services solutions provider for the economically excluded population. We are the partner of choice for mainstream banking institutions as we work towards the comprehensive financial empowerment of all.

Our Values

Integrity, accountability and teamwork forms our core driving force as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Pillars of Growth

Satin Finserv Limited (SFL) shares similar core values and principles with Satin Creditcare Network Limited (SCNL), emphasizing a commitment to financial inclusion, customer-centric services, and sustainable growth strategies.

Seeking Excellence

Our pursuit of perfection and excellence is unwavering, guiding the remarkable growth of SCNL even amidst economic challenges. The sincere dedication of every member of the Satin family reflects in how we treat customers, employees, investors, and clients. This ethos permeates our supportive and inspiring work environment.

Accountability & Ownership

At SCNL, accountability entails more than answering – it's about taking on tasks and committing to their best completion. Ownership, meanwhile, extends beyond task assumption to embracing responsibility for outcomes. Within SCNL, shared workloads don't dilute personal accountability. Employee diligence and dedication build the bedrock of successful and content companies.

Teamwork & Collaboration

The SCNL ethos is rooted in "doing it better together!" We champion a collaborative approach where individuals find their niche in serving the company's collective needs, prioritizing over personal gains. Teamwork unleashes people's potential, fostering positive, efficient collaboration for triumphant outcomes.


Moral and financial strength are the pillars of SCNL. Our commitment to integrity stands firm, upholding the highest ethical, intellectual, and financial standards in all endeavors.

Nurturing Lives

SCNL's objective is to create value for everyone associated with us, encompassing customers, vendors, and collaborators. Through our initiatives and interactions, we aim to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives we touch.

Principle Partners for JLG Businesses