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We Help You
Grow Your Business

We facilitate business growth by understanding our clients at a deep level. This enables us to find the perfect fit between our customers and our financial partners, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved.

Who Are We?

Despite the government’s efforts to promote financial inclusion in India over the past five years, the country still harbors the second-largest unbanked population globally. Although there have been some positive developments on the ground, the situation persists. In line with the nation’s mission, the SATIN Group has taken a step forward by establishing a new Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), Satin Finserv, to cater to its MSME business. SFL also provides business correspondence services for secured loans to small businesses, through its Principal Partners.

Satin Finserv Limited is also enabled under its objects to carry on the business of, among other things, the promotion and nurturing of JLG and MSME/ SBL and linking them to banks and other financial institutions for availing different financial services and providing capacity-building support.

Satin Finserv Limited (SFL) incorporated in 2018, is RBI registered non-banking financial company with COR N.14.03461. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Satin Creditcare Network Limited (SCNL) which is into the business of MFIs.

Our Products

Elevate Your Business: From Informal to Formal with our Financial Insight.

From traders and retail/wholesale merchants to manufacturers, service providers, education ventures, and agribusinesses, our products cater to a wide range of industries. With ticket sizes ranging up to 5 lacs, we offer tailored financial solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Small Ticket
Business Loans

Providing business loans secured against collateral to small tickets of upto 4 lacs.

Large Ticket Corporate Loans to SME/MSME

Empowering MSMEs and SMEs through business loans of large tickets.

Joint Liability Group Loans through our BC Partners

Bridging the gap for collateral-free loans as a BC to our principle banking partners.

The SFL Edge

Experience a revolution in lending with our digital advancements. Our comprehensive Loan Management System streamlines operations, enabling efficient loan processing, real-time data analysis, and quick disbursals. By embracing cutting-edge technology, we ensure that our customers experience a seamless and secure lending process.

Built on a legacy of excellence and integrity, we proudly carry forward the prestigious SATIN name. Our commitment to upholding Satin’s financial legacy ensures secure, transparent, and ethical financial practices. We strive hard to preserve the values and principles that have made the brand synonymous with trust and credibility.

Targeting an underserved segment, we contribute to India’s economic growth. Our focus on MSMEs addresses their unique financial needs effectively, resulting in substantial business growth. By concentrating our efforts on catering to the unique requirements of the underserved market segment, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the financial landscape.

Your needs are at the heart of our approach. We have experienced remarkable growth in loan disbursements, achieving a 100% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) increase in Assets Under Management (AUM). We understand your unique requirements and provide tailored financial solutions. Our exceptional customer support, personalized services, and dedicated relationship managers ensure you receive the guidance and support to achieve your financial objectives.

CEO Speaks

Mr. Bhuvnesh Khanna

MSME customers in Semi-Urban and rural India are underserved by the formal banking sector. These customers are unable to provide any kind of financial documents which will enable an assessment of their cash flows and hence support a positive decision to lend to such customers. At SFL we understand this problem and are continuously working to understand the need of the customer and meet their working capital needs to sustain and grow their businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cater to the needs of the rapidly rising MSME industry, fuelling both industry growth and employment generation and facilitating financial inclusion by connecting economically excluded families with mainstream banking institutions, in order to empower women and weaker sections of society by driving inclusive growth, boosting competitiveness and fostering sustainability.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate financial inclusiveness across the country and contribute to the nation’s overall economic development while becoming the preferred financial intermediary and services solutions provider for the economically excluded population and the partner of choice for mainstream banking institutions.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to connect individuals and businesses to reliable financial resources and guidance through tailored services, education programs, and strategic partnerships. We want to empower our customers to seize opportunities by providing the financial support they require and building a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Our Core Values


Seeking Excellence

At Satin Finserv Limited, we relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do.


Accountability & Ownership

We hold ourselves accountable to deliver results and take pride in our commitment to excellence.


Teamwork & collaboration

The SCNL way is to ‘do it better together!’ and we believe that positive, constructive and efficient collaboration can ensure success.



Satin Finserv operates with unwavering integrity and ethical principles, building relationships with honesty and transparency.


Nurturing Lives

We genuinely care about the well-being and growth of individuals and communities we serve. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of our customers.

What our clients say

He is finally happy that he could accomplish his dream of owning his own shop. He is grateful that SFL stepped in when he needed the finances.

Paras Jain

Experiencing a visible business boost, Mr.Sohail is extremely happy to have connected with SFL and now has a steady income and savings to support his family.

Sohail Iqbal Tai

With this loan he has been able to set his business in a better manner and is grateful to SFL for extending the finance at the time he needed it.

Surinder Singh

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By the order passed by Hon’ble NCLT order dated January 31, 2023, Taraashna Financial Services Limited (part of Satin Group) has merged with Satin Finserv Limited effective from March 01, 2023. Taraashna Financial Services Limited was also wholly-owned subsidiary of SCNL and was acting as Business Correspondent on behalf of various banks/financial institutions.

Let’s get started

If you have any queries or require additional information, please complete this form to request a callback. Our team will promptly reach out to you to address your concerns or provide answers to any inquiries you may have regarding our company and its operations. We are committed to assisting you and ensuring your needs are met as quickly as possible.

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